Ahmed Ozsever, "Shallow Cores"


In recognition of the unique requirements creative scholars face in their ascent within the tenure and promotion process, Peer to Peer Creative Works & Research Gallery creates professional development opportunities for faculty that enables participants to fulfill their educational missions.  We offer:


  1. A digital venue to showcase creative works and research of faculty by faculty;

  2. A rigorous peer-review system to ensure a professional online exhibition;

  3. An esteem for the academic engagement linked with the creative work and research unique to our profession though often ignored by brick & mortar venues;

  4. Possible "service" opportunities as peer-reviewers.



Peer to Peer Creative Works & Research Gallery advances the  knowledge and practice of creative scholars to stimulate intellectual curiosity and support creative research.  To realize this vision, we will:

  • Explore various forms of communication using innovative technology to reach an international audience;

  • Support originality and excellence in the creation, interpretation, and scholarly views regarding arts and letters.


We conduct the Peer to Peer review process using a rotating peer group of international academics within a double-blind review.  This process ensures the exhibition awards are due to the strength and rigor of the creative research, not the individual.   


A reoccurring roster of theme-based exhibitions provides a way to showcase a topic's impact over time.  This accumulation of creative work has the potential to be a key repository for these evolving ideas and research.


Best practices in expectations for exhibition, as outlined in CAA’s Guidelines for Retention and Tenure of Art and Design Faculty (1), state that “Juried shows may be held in “brick and mortar” galleries and museums as well as in digital and printed venues."  

The CAA continues, "Digital artworks, many of them multimedia in nature (video, animation, design and graphic artworks, interactive arts, etc.) can often be exhibited online more successfully than in a traditional “brick and mortar” gallery/museum setting. Therefore, it is appropriate for those media to utilize online exhibitions. Internet venues should be subject to the same criteria as traditional venues."  


Our Internet venue seeks to be regarded with the same criteria as traditional venues, however, the mandate to include a written synopsis of creative scholarship along with the prestige of our panel of peer-reviewers (who are academics like you) far exceeds the normal expectations and jury process often accepted as valid scholarship activities.

1. https://www.collegeart.org/standards-and-guidelines/guidelines/statement-of-exhibition-venues - accessed 6/25/2021

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