Scan the opportunities below and apply to the show/s of interest.  Each application is $45.00.  The peer juror/jury selects a limited number of submitted works—based on their perceived quality and/or relationship to particular criteria or themes—to be included in the exhibition. Each each exhibition features a research catalog.  See terms at bottom of page.



Vantage point


Deadline:  November 15, 2021

Perspective [standpoint] is a tool that can manipulate how an image is organized and presented -- transforming the gaze of subjectivity. What does life from certain vantage points expose, manipulate, or conceal?  Testimony.  Witness.





Deadline:  January 15, 2022

Brian Massumi might ask this question:  "How does an art practice invent its own kinds of relational events of lived abstraction, to produce a signature species of semblance?"


The accidental


The Drive-bye

Deadline:  March 15, 2022

How do technical impurities spurn the moment of commercialization or rebel against perfect analogue?


Information Science


Artistic labor

Deadline:  May 15, 2022

Collection, archiving, arrangement, contextualization, assembly, drawing connections, organizing materials, artist as curator, collection as object, Nesbit "study sheets", Foster's "Archival impulse", evidence, embodied perception . . . 





Deadline:  July 15, 2022

Story, transmedia, possibilities, narratology, cosmology, immersion, sound.  How/where is your place in the world that you create, explore, and/or expose?

Space-time continuum

The 4rth Dimension

Movement; in-motion


Deadline:  September 15, 2022

Traditional or contemporary; static or in-motion; how does time impact your creative research and output? 


Submissions are open to all academic faculty in the fields of studio art and art education; with consideration given to the fields of design, performing arts, art history/criticism, creative writing, aesthetics, philosophy, visual studies or other related or relevant creative disciplines.  Retired academic scholars are welcome.


  • Submit up to five (5) cohesive pieces of art based on exhibition theme.  

  • Art may include traditional and non-traditional media; posters, sound work, video or performance.

  • Video should be submitted via YouTube or Vimeo links found in application form

  • Files should be JPG and no more than 4.0 MG each. 

  • Submit a Word format file that explains the academic and creative research behind the images of art based on the theme.  If selected, this will be copy-edited and formatted by us for publication in the exhibition.  We believe the inclusion of an academic synopsis is unique to this venue, and that it will serve to better showcase the work of creative scholarship performed by artists of academia.  Note:  this is not a biography or an artist statement.  MLA formatting is our preference; one to 10 pages.  

    • It could happen that both your images and synopsis could be published, or, that only the synopsis or only the images will be selected for publication.​

    • We will consider written works that do not have images associated with them.

    • Submitting artist may include anonymized supporting documentation with synopsis.

  • Submit an image list that includes title, dimensions, media, year of completion of each image submitted.

  • Our only way to communicate with you at first will be via email.  To ensure the double-blind review process, please use an email that does not reveal your name.  We will contact you via email about the status of the review.  If selected for publication, we will ask for your name and CV.  Your name will be published with your work.


  • Artists selected for each exhibition is based on a double blind peer-review of work submitted.  Double peer-review means the peer-reviewers will not know who the artist is, likewise, the artist will not know who the peer-reviewers are.


  • All peer-reviewers are tenured, tenure-track, retired, or emeritus faculty.



  • We will exhibit one to five works of art from each faculty selected and/or publish the accompanying research synopsis.


  • Each exhibition will come with a digital postcard.  The names of faculty will be on it for distribution and inclusion in their retention/promotion packets.


  • The exhibition will remain on our website to serve as a repository for creative research.


  • All images of artwork and rights relating to them, including copyright and ownership rights remain the property of the artist.

  • All open call entries require a small yet non-refundable submission fee. This non-refundable submission fee goes towards enhancing visibility online and copy-editing services.


  • Submission itself does not guarantee the artist being selected.