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Professor Jodi A. Patterson serves as the founder of Peer to Peer Research Gallery and the managing editor of the program. Jodi has progressed through the ranks of academia, working as an adjunct, assistant, associate and full professor within three universities.  Some of her professional activities relevant to this endeavor includes acting as Chair-elect of an art department and directing reputable art education programs; acting as a co-editor for an academic journal titled Artizein:  Arts & Teaching Journal with her mentor Dr. Peter London; presenting at NAEA and SECAC conferences; serving as an Academic Senator; contributing input to Personnel Committees; exhibiting interdisciplinary works of art in over 100 gallery venues around the world; publishing in influential scholastic journals; representing a WA state board as an elected higher education liaison. For more than a decade, Jodi managed a studio gallery business where she was involved with downtown development and the hosting of several artists/scholars in her exhibition space. To learn more, visit: 


As this site grows, peer-reviewers who service us will be listed on the website. However, we will wait until our panel grows beyond a number where artists will be unable to identify their reviewers.